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Saturday, June 9, 2007

We have some catching up to do

This is wonderful! I know, I have to apologize, since I haven't posted for like another whole month, but I had no Internet at home, and, since the university is empty right now, there are no long hours for the library or even dinner...the two reasons why I could stay longer at the university. So I took many books out of the library, printed many articles and papers and brought them home. I know a lot more about world water supply than I ever thought I would!

I was in Lima for two weeks. I really hadn't planned it, the Peruvian Postal Services made me. When I left Germany, I packed 6 boxes: I sent two to Costa Rica and four to Peru, to my mom. The two Costa Rica boxes arrived without complications. For the four Peru boxes I received notices via my mom: It was illegal to import used clothes and shoes, my mom was not allowed to pick up the stuff...and the last straw: Unless I picked them up personally, they were going to incinerate my boxes!!! Mind you, everything that was in those boxes was carefully selected from all the stuff I had collected in my 4 years in Germany...so I was really angry!

At the same time, I received a message from this great website www.kayak.com, where they let me know that tickets San Jose - Lima were half price from May 8th until the 22nd...so I bought a ticket. This trip was really meant to be, since during those two weeks I was able to celebrate with my family: 4 birthdays - brother #2, brother #3, niece #7, and my own, plus Mother's day and the birth of my first nephew. Apart from all the abovementioned festivities, I was able to pick up some documents, necessary for my residency permit and I also renewed my driver's license. What this means is that I spent my mornings and many afternoons standing in line at the Peruvian National Bank, the Ministry of External Relations, Reniec, Lima Touring Club, Police Department, Police Headquarters, Medical Center, City Hall, etc. and some afternoons and evenings at birthdays parties or some other family celebration. Really busy, but I enjoyed myself. So, I can now rent a car in Costa Rica and drive anywhere I want! Yes!

No more excuses for not statying in touch now: I have wireless lan at home, which means I can be connected to the Internet and chat with family and friends even while I'm relaxing on the hammock or the sky chair. Of course it's also a big plus when I get inspired on the weekend and want to find information about water desalination via eolic reverse osmosis :) Now I don't have to wait until Monday!!!

I will be starting a course next week on sustainability management with emphasis on funding for power and water projects. I'm looking forward to it, since it will provide me with many contacts for my thesis. I'm really excited, although I will be out of touch for the next three weeks...I just got the course schedule: the organizers have planned our lives from 7 am to 10 pm, Monday through Sunday! Still, I'm looking forward to it...and I'm sure I will have plenty of pictures to publish on my next post. I think I will be writing again towards the end of June :)

Almost forgot to mention Paula doesn't live here anymore. Lili liked her too much...

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