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Thursday, February 1, 2007

The ride to the seminar...and the presentation

What a mess! The only good thing is that I don't have to give up my apartment until Monday...so I get to relax a little there before the big trip.

I was supposed to meet a colleague and her boyfriend (thanks Kathrin and Steffen) at 5:22 pm in Riesa yesterday, about half an hour from Leipzig so they could drive me to Bavaria...so I hurried up and packed (too much, as usual) but forgot an extremely important thing: the power cable for my laptop. I realized this as the train was leaving Leipzig (in fact, the second the doors beeped and closed).

So I was in a funk the whole 6 plus hours to Bad Kohlgrub, Bavaria. Luckily I happen to work with extremely helpful people so by the time I got here I already had not one laptop offer, but two. You see, in all the preparations to give up my apartment, I had not yet finished my Powerpoint presentation...I had decided to do it today from 10 to 5 :) So I really had a big problem...but not anymore. Thanks, Evelyn and Nicola! (that's Evelyn on the left trying to take a bite off the chili Nicola (right) picked up at the buffet)

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